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If you come visit our Gatlinburg location, you can’t leave before riding the Mountain Glider! This safe and exciting experience will have you coming back to ride again! This ride is unlike any coaster you’ve been on before. Here is everything to know about the Mountain Glider at Rowdy Bear Mountain:

1. It’s the World’s First

You heard that right! The Mountain Glider is the first of its kind in the world. This single railed in-air coaster takes you on an awesome journey through the treetops of the Smokies! Strap in and take in Gatlinburg from a whole new perspective. From the third floor of Rowdy Bear Mountain, you’ll travel throughout the park as you glide through the trees and gaze at the world below. Wave at your friends as you fly above them!

2. It Combines Free Falling and Hang Gliding

gliderOne of the most unique factors about the Mountain Glider is how the design combines free falling and hang gliding all into one ride! You’ll feel weightless as the single railed coaster mimics the feeling of flying through the air. You don’t have to choose between going on a hang gliding or free falling adventure when you can have both! You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else in the world, so make sure don’t miss it on your next trip to our Gatlinburg location.

3. Ride Requirements

In order to keep all of our guests safe, we have a few ride requirements for the Mountain Glider. All riders must be at least 75 pounds or less than 280 pounds to participate in this in-air coaster. In order to uphold this restriction, all riders must be weighed before strapping into the ride. The Mountain Glider will operate in rain, snow or sunshine but weather conditions can affect the weight limits on the ride. Make sure to check the weather in Gatlinburg when planning your trip to Rowdy Bear Mountain.

4. Best Times to Ride

glider attractionWhile anytime is a fun time to ride the Mountain Glider, we have a few suggestions for the best times to ride. Once the fall season kicks in in the Smokies, you have to come experience this ride. As you soar through the trees you’ll be able to enjoy all the gorgeous Autumn colors, including the bright reds, oranges and yellows. We also recommend coming earlier in the day or later in the evenings so you’re not dealing with longer lines or hotter temperatures in the summer. If you ride in the winter, you’ll be able to see the snow covered peaks in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Now that you know all about the Mountain Glider at Rowdy Bear Mountain, you can make this ride part of your itinerary at our Gatlinburg location. Check out all the other great activities that Rowdy Bear Mountain in Gatlinburg has to offer. We look forward to seeing you!