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Are you planning a group vacation to the Smokies? One of the hardest things to do is make an itinerary for a large group because everyone likes different things. That is why you need to find an attraction that has a variety of activities. This is exactly the case at our Gatlinburg theme park. Here are 4 reasons groups love Rowdy Bear Mountain:

1. Fun for All Ages

alpine coasterNo matter the age range of your family and friends, there is something for everyone when you visit our theme park! After all, who wouldn’t love riding down the mountain on a coaster? Kids can join in on the fun too, as they can ride down the hill with a parent as long as they are at least 3 years old and 38 inches tall. The ride is safe for all riders because of the latest technology in distance control systems! As a family park, we ensure everyone is able to enjoy their vacation in the Smokies!

2. Special Savings

Our theme park can accommodate groups as large as 500 people! This makes us the perfect place to take all kinds of group trips, including school field trips, church retreats, sports team celebrations, and many more. If you are planning on bringing a group of 15 or more, you can also receive a special group discount! Fill out our group form to let us know how we can best accommodate you on your upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains! At Rowdy Bear Mountain, your trip will be fun and affordable!

3. Beautiful Mountain Scenery

mountain coasterWe guarantee your crew is coming to the mountains to take in the incredible scenery of the area. At our Gatlinburg amusement park, you can get an up-close view of the majesty of nature. In fact, you will be riding through and above it. While the Mountain Coaster takes you through the curves of Rowdy Bear Mountain, the Mountain Glider gives you the bird’s eye view of the area. So as you take in all the excitement, be sure to appreciate the beauty of nature all around you!

4. Friendly Competition

If you come from a competitive family, you can challenge them to a physical competition on the rock climbing wall. The wall stands at 30 foot tall and enables you to show off your skills. There are three sides so you can go up against two of your friends or family members to see who scales the wall in the fastest amount of time. If you come up short, you can test out your speed on the Mountain Coaster. The coasters allow guests to control their own speed, so you can race to the bottom of the mountain! The extra friendly competition will make your group’s trip to our Gatlinburg theme park even more exciting, especially if you end up with the bragging rights!

Now that you know why groups love Rowdy Bear Mountain, you can start making your plans to come see us in Gatlinburg! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our park. We look forward to seeing you soon!