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What makes a trip to the Smokies special? Besides great food and fantastic events, scenic views, and nice weather, this area is filled with unique Smoky Mountain tourist attractions that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. Here are a few of the best examples:

1. The longest tubing hill in Tennessee

pigeon forge outdoor tubing hillHere at Rowdy Bear, our winter snow tubing is a highlight of the year, but did you know we are open year-round to also offer summer tubing in Pigeon Forge? Our tubing hill is the first of its kind, the longest and fastest in the state! Kids, teens, and adults alike will love the thrill of soaring down the 500-foot lanes– nothing can compare to the stomach-dropping 70-foot plunge at the end!

2. The area’s first alpine glider ride

Our Ski Lift Shootout is one of the top thrill rides in Pigeon Forge because it’s more than just an alpine coaster, it’s also a fun interactive activity! The 2-seater ride dips and swings along the track, and you have a laser gun you can shoot at targets along the way– ride with a partner and see who can hit the most targets! It’s truly one of the best Smoky Mountain tourist attractions you can’t find anywhere else!

3. The wildest mountain coaster

the wild stallion mountain coaster at skyland ranchIf the thrills from the Snow Avalanche Coaster here at Rowdy Bear aren’t enough, then head over to SkyLand Ranch in Sevierville and experience the Wild Stallion Mountain Coaster! This coaster is over 8 minutes long, and you can experience it at night or during the day, with spectacular views of the Parkway and the surrounding Smoky Mountains. 

4. The highest point in the national park

The 1-mile steep walk to the Clingmans Dome Observation Tower is well worth it since you get to experience panoramic views from the highest point in Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This trail is paved, and there are benches scattered along the way in case you need to rest. There is also a small info center and restrooms, along with several trailheads to popular hikes such as Andrews Bald and The Appalachian Trail. 

5. A ghost town in the Smokies

elkmont- unique things to do in smoky mountainsStill somewhat of a hidden gem, the Elkmont Ghost Town is growing in popularity due to its unique history and eerie atmosphere. The entire Elkmont area in general is beautifully lush in the spring and summer, with wildflowers and bubbling streams adding to its beauty. You’ll cross a stone troll bridge before reaching the abandoned cabins and structures, many of which only have chimneys and piles of stone remaining. Nearly 20 structures have been restored and preserved, including a clubhouse and the Levi Trentham cabin, one of the oldest buildings in the Smokies. 

Still not convinced to visit the area and these Smoky Mountain tourist attractions? Read all about why Pigeon Forge is worth visiting and learn more about this hot spot for adventurous family vacations! We look forward to showing you what it means to have fun in the Smokies!