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There’s no better place to have a date with someone you care about other than Rowdy Bear in Pigeon Forge! With all of the thrilling things to do at our amusement park, you’ll have a blast making memories and spending time together! Check out these 4 reasons why you should plan a date at Rowdy Bear in Pigeon Forge:

1. Experience Thrilling Activities

hill tubing in pigeon forge tnThe number one reason why people love to visit our amusement park is the thrilling activities! If you and your sweetheart enjoy exciting things to do, there’s no better place for you to go out together and have fun! One of the newest attractions you’ll want to experience is the Avalanche Snow Coaster. You’ll hop in the cart that looks like a car, and one of you controls the speed of the cart! Push it all the way down to fly on the curves of the track or take it easy as you enjoy a sweet ride. Another exciting activity you absolutely have to try is hill tubing. You’ll take a short ride up the hill on the Magic Carpet, and once you reach the top, you’ll feel your heart start to beat faster as you look down on the lanes. As soon as you push yourself down the hill, you’ll have a blast riding tubes on the hill!

2. Enjoy Friendly Competition

Another reason why you should plan a date at Rowdy Bear in Pigeon Forge is because you can enjoy some friendly competition! You’ll have fun playing against your significant other on the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster! You’ll hop into the seat, and one of the staff members will hand you a laser gun before you head out on the track. As you’re racing through the air, you’ll point your laser gun and shoot at targets throughout the ride. When you’re back at the loading station, you’ll find out which of you got the most points! The winner will get to have bragging rights, and then you can head over to the axe throwing area where you can see who is better at hitting bullseyes with axes!

3. Feel Closer When You Ride Together


On a majority of the activities at Rowdy Bear in Pigeon Forge, you’ll get to sit close to your date. You’ll enjoy being right next to each other on the Avalanche Snow Coaster! Have fun enjoying the ride as you lean into each other around every curve and twist! On the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster, you’ll also enjoy feeling close as you sway in the air! You get to sit right next to each other as you aim for the targets along the ride! Another way you can feel close to each other is to fly down the tubing hill together! You can attach your tubes using the ropes connected to them and race down the hill for even more fun!

4. Grab Ice Cream After the Rides

After riding these attractions, you can relax in the gift shop and grab a bite of something sweet! We have an ice cream parlor inside where you can get a cup or cone of your favorite flavor of ice cream, then sit outside at the picnic table to enjoy spending even more time together!

You and your date will have a blast experiencing Rowdy Bear in Pigeon Forge! This is a great place to make memories on your trip, so go ahead and reserve your tickets to our Pigeon Forge attraction today!