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As one of the newest attractions in the Smokies, the snow tubing adventure at our Pigeon Forge theme park is the perfect activity for the whole family. It combines a multitude of amazing features, including a thrilling ride and family competition. Here are 4 reasons to take your family snow tubing at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark:

1. Fun for the Whole Family

little kid snow tubingThe new snow tubing attraction at our Pigeon Forge amusement park is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face! As long as you are over 40 inches tall, you can take part in the adventure of a lifetime. The snow tubing hill is over 500 feet in length and features an amazing 70-foot drop! This makes it the largest outdoor snow tubing hill in Tennessee! When you purchase a snow tubing pass, you are welcome to go down the slope as many times as you want during your 90 minute session.

2. Family Competition

Because there are multiple lanes on our snow tubing hill, you can race your family to see who can make it the bottom first! Whoever is the fastest in the group will have a few extra bragging rights on the way home. If you want to make it more interesting, make a friendly wager, like the loser has to buy the winner a delicious cup of hot chocolate from Sugar Bears Cafe! If you can’t seem to win on the tubing hill, try your luck on the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster! This ride will pit you against another member of your family as you try to shoot targets while being flown throughout the park!

3. Magic Carpet Conveyors

people riding the magic carpet up the hillWe can all agree, the worst part of sledding in the neighborhood growing up was having to lug your ride back to the top of the hill. Luckily, at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark, that is not a struggle you have to take on. After you make it to the bottom of the slope, our Magic Carpet Conveyor will whisk you right back to the top so you can ride down again! Not only does this save you some energy, but it also leaves more time to enjoy the tubing hill!

4. Year Round Fun

Who says snow tubing is just for winter? At our snow park, you can enjoy winter fun all year round! We have a special snow machine that can produce real snow during all seasons! So whether you want to play in the snow during Christmas break or summer vacation, we have you covered at our amazing theme park! Plus, from the top of our slopes, you can take in the amazing views of the Smoky Mountains! You can enjoy our thrilling snow tubing adventure while enjoying the summer trees, or getting the prime view of the fall foliage in the Smokies.

Now that you know why you should take your family snow tubing at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark, be sure to reserve your tickets now! We look forward to seeing you soon!