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When you visit our Gatlinburg location, you’re in for hours of entertainment and fun! All of the activities are a great time, but a fan favorite is our Alpine Mountain Coaster. Fun for all ages, this coaster is perfect for your family vacation. Here are 3 reasons to ride the Alpine Mountain Coaster at Rowdy Bear Mountain in Gatlinburg:

1. You Control the Speed

Not a huge fan of fast, high-intensity roller coasters? That’s no problem! On the Alpine Mountain Coaster, you decide how intense you want the ride to be. If you want a nice and easy ride, feel free to coast at a reasonable speed. However, you can also go full throttle and reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour! The coaster is super easy to operate. Simply push the handle forward to speed up and push it back to slow down. You’ll love the freedom to choose just how fast or slow you want the ride, making it the perfect activity for everyone!

2. You Can Ride with a Friend or Alone

alpineOne of the great things about the Alpine Mountain Coaster at Rowdy Bear Mountain is that you don’t have to ride alone if you choose not to! This coaster allows you to ride single or double as you wind through the mountains! If you’re bringing your little ones, they must be at least 3 and 38” tall to ride with an adult 16 or older. If they are at least 54” tall, they can ride alone. You and your friends or family will make awesome memories as you take on the Alpine Mountain Coaster together!

3. It’s Super Safe

This ride operates in rain, sleet, snow and sunshine so we make sure it comes with the top safety features. The Alpine Mountain Coaster is equipped with the latest intelligent Distance Control Systems, so you never have to worry about running into the cart ahead of you, even if you’re going different speeds. The carts are designed in a way that will always keep riders a safe distance from each other. Feel free to go as fast or slow as you want, you only have to worry about enjoying the ride!

Other Fun Activities at Rowdy Bear Mountain

gliderAfter you’ve ridden the Alpine Mountain Coaster, check out all the other exciting activities our adventure park has to offer! Strap in to the world’s first Mountain Glider as you soar through the trees! This ride combines free falling and hang gliding into one amazing activity. You can also check out the Climbing Wall at our Gatlinburg location. If you’re at least 5 years old and 48” tall, you can climb with two of your friends to the tippy top of the Climbing Wall. Check out the views of the park and the Smokies!

Now that you know why you should ride the Alpine Mountain Coaster at Rowdy Bear Mountain in Gatlinburg, you can plan your trip to our adventure park! Check out all the fun things to do at our Gatlinburg location and decide which activity you want to try first. We look forward to seeing you!