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Are you trying to plan your next trip to the Smoky Mountains? You have so many exciting things to fill your days up with, but we can help make it easier for you. Plan on spending one of our days at SkyLand Ranch and our Smoky Mountain Snowpark! We share some of the best reasons why you should visit both of our attractions on the same day below.

1. You’ll have fun all day long!

two girls on rowdy bear's smoky mountain snowpark tubing hill in pigeon forgeSince you’re here for such a short time, it’s hard to fit everything in that you want to do. But when you plan to visit both attractions, we guarantee you’ll have fun all day long! Start out your morning at our Snowpark after you eat breakfast in Pigeon Forge. You’ll want to make your reservation for hill tubing first thing, because it’s our largest attraction and the most popular! We promise you don’t want to miss out on soaring down the 500-foot-long tubing hill!

After you get done tubing, you should make your way to the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster with a partner. You’ll take the laser guns and try to hit all the targets as you swing around in the air to see who can win the most points. Then, hop aboard the Avalanche Snow Coaster for a thrilling mountain coaster experience before you try your hand at axe throwing! If you find yourself hungry or thirsty, you can grab something at Sugar Bears Cafe and Creamery!

Once you’re done at our Smoky Mountain Snowpark, you’ll be ready to head over to SkyLand Ranch! After a short 1.5-mile drive, you’ll be at the bottom of the mountain, ready to head up for a whole new list of adventures! You could probably spend the rest of your day at this adventure park, meaning you’ll get to have a blast all day long!

2. Get in the thrills, then chill out.

ski lift shootout coaster and avalanche mountain coaster at rowdy bear smoky mountain snowparkIf you’re someone who loves to go, go, go then take it easy at the end of the day, our attractions are the perfect place to do that! When you start out at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark, you’ll have plenty of thrills! From your heart pounding as you let go of the axe to feeling the wind against your skin as you fly down the tubing hill, you’ll get to experience it all! And when you head over to SkyLand Ranch, you can hop aboard The Wild Stallion mountain coaster before you take it easy!

SkyLand has plenty of areas where you can relax after a full morning of thrills. Watch the cute little miniature animals as they roam around, then browse through the cool souvenirs at Williford Mercantile. Grab a seat outside to enjoy the fresh mountain air when you’re eating lunch or dinner. Sit around the fire with friends and family at the end of the night. You’ll have just as much fun relaxing as you did with the exciting attractions!

3. Experience a little bit of everything.

food from buckn' bbq food truck at skyland ranchThe biggest perk of visiting SkyLand Ranch and Smoky Mountain Snowpark all in the same day is the variety of activities. If you have people who love to get their adrenaline going, then they’ll thrive on the tubing hill and variety of coasters at both locations! Anyone who would rather watch animals, enjoy great food, or try making their own chocolate bar will have a ton of fun at SkyLand Ranch!

Not only can you enjoy a variety of activities, you’ll also love trying a wide array of foods! Sugar Bears Cafe has homemade ice cream, baked goods, and hot chocolate, as well as other concessions to keep your energy up. When you’re ready for a meal, SkyLand Ranch has The Backyard where you will find a few food trucks with delicious offerings like burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts. The Cafe and Bakery at SkyLand also have plenty of sweets, like cupcakes, chocolates, and ice cream. But you’ll also find savory eats, including pizza, walking tacos, and sandwiches!

Your trip to the Smoky Mountains just won’t be complete without visiting our attractions. And what better way to experience SkyLand Ranch and Smoky Mountain Snowpark than all in one day! Grab your tickets to Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark now, and then pick up your tickets for SkyLand Ranch! We can’t wait to see you!