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As you’re planning your trip to the Smoky Mountains, you’ve decided that you want to do something new and exciting when you get here. Axe throwing could be that activity for you! But how do you decide where to go? We want to tell you why our amusement park is the best place to try axe throwing in Pigeon Forge.

Catered to People of All Ages

axe throwing at rowdy bear's smoky mountain snowparkAxe throwing isn’t just for adults at Rowdy Bear’s Snowpark! While the youngest age we allow for axe throwing is 10 years old, everyone who meets the age requirements will have a blast! It doesn’t matter if you’re young and spunky or older and experienced, you’ll have fun learning how to get a bullseye in our axe throwing stalls!

Teach You How to Properly Throw

The entire time you’re trying your hand at axe throwing in Pigeon Forge, you won’t be alone! One of our experienced and trained staff members will be right there with you. Before you head into one of the stalls, they will walk you through how to properly throw the axes so everyone, including yourself, stays safe. You’ll also receive tips on the best way to change your stance or how you throw so you can successfully get a bullseye more than once!

Feel Safe With Individual Stalls

axe throwing in pigeon forge at rowdy bearWhen you decide to participate in axe throwing with us, we want you to feel as safe as possible. That’s why we’ve designed our stalls to be individual and fairly small. You’ll have plenty of room to step and throw without feeling like you’re all over the place, and you’ll feel safe when it comes to other people throwing beside you. We have wood and chain link fence built into the stalls to protect everyone who chooses to try axe throwing.

Enjoy Being Outdoors

We’re one of the only outdoor attractions that offers axe throwing in Pigeon Forge. Most of the other places are indoors, but you’ll get a different experience with us! Rain or shine, you can throw axes to see who can get a bullseye the fastest!

Experience Other Attractions

Pigeon Forge, TN Snow Tubing HillUnlike other axe throwing attractions, we offer plenty of other fun things to do! Once you’ve gotten a few bullseyes in a row, you can move on to competing against a friend or family member on the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster. Riders will sit side by side as they coast over the ground and try to hit as many targets as they can with their laser gun. Once the ride is over, you can look on the back of your seat to see who got the most points. After riding on the coaster, you’ll want to head over to our star attraction, the tubing hill. We have the most lanes out of any tubing attraction at 11, and during winter, 8 of them are covered in snow for a totally different experience!

You now know what to expect when you try axe throwing in Pigeon Forge with us, and all the other fun things to do we offer. Are you ready to plan your trip? Grab tickets now since they sell out quickly!