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If you are trying to decide what to do with your kids when you’re in town, look no further than Rowdy Bear Ridge! We have attractions kids of all ages will love, from a playground for little ones to our most popular activity, hill tubing! You may be wondering why your kids will want to come hill tubing with us, which is why we put together this list! Check out these 5 things kids love about hill tubing in Pigeon Forge:

1. Ride the Magic Carpet

people riding the magic carpet up the hillOne of the things kids love the most about getting to go hill tubing in Pigeon Forge with us is being able to ride to the top of the hill on our Magic Carpet! When you’re ready to make your way to the top, grab one of the tubes and walk towards the conveyor belt. An employee will be there to help you get onto the Magic Carpet while you hold onto your tube. You’ll get to enjoy a leisurely ride to the top of the hill while you watch other people ride down, so the excitement for your turn keeps building!

2. Race Their Friends and Family

Many kids love competition, so they will love being able to race their family members and friends down the tubing hill. Wait until all of your group is at the top of the hill, then head towards the beginning of the lanes. Four members of your group can race against each other since there are four lanes. The employee at the top can count down for you, then you fly down the hill! Once you reach the bottom, you can see who won!

3. Ride Together or Alone

people riding together down the hillAnother reason why kids love hill tubing in Pigeon Forge is they can ride by themselves or they can ride together! If your kids want to be independent and have fun doing the hill in their own tube, then they can! We also have the capability to connect up to three tubes together, so your kids can ride with each other or with you! Plus, you can choose to ride by yourself then ride with someone else during your ride time!

4. Experience the Slow or Fast Lanes

At Rowdy Bear Ridge, we have three fast lanes and one slow lane to accommodate everyone. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable or wants to take it easy at first, let them go on the slow lane to experience hill tubing for the first time! Once they see how fun it is, they may want to move onto one of the fast lanes! Both you and your kids will love that you have options when it comes to how fast you want to go!

5. Gets Their Heart Racing

tubes at the bottom of the hillIf your kids love thrills, then they definitely will love hill tubing in Pigeon Forge with us! There’s nothing more exciting than waiting to get to the top of the hill as you ride on the Magic Carpet. When you look down at the lanes from your seat in the tube, your heart will definitely start to race! Then, you’ll have an adrenaline rush as you fly down the hill until you reach the bottom! Kids who enjoy thrills will definitely love hill tubing!

Now you know why kids will want to experience our hill tubing attraction, and we’re sure you’ll be excited to try it too! Buy tickets to our hill tubing in Pigeon Forge attraction today to enjoy this thrilling adventure!