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When you are visiting the Smoky Mountains with a large group, it can be hard to find activities that everyone will enjoy. That will not be a problem at our theme park. There are so many thrilling adventures you can experience while you are here. Here are 3 reasons Rowdy Bear Ridge is the perfect attraction for large groups:

1. Plenty of Activities

axe throwingWhen you are trying to find the perfect attraction for large groups, you need something that has multiple activities. That way, people are able to go off on their own to find the ride that most interests them. At Rowdy Bear Ridge, we have four thrilling attractions in one park for your group to enjoy. Plus, all of the activities are located very close together so it’s easy to keep an eye on everyone! The variety of things to do makes it more enjoyable for everyone because they can decide what catches their eye! Some of the most popular activities for groups include Axe Throwing and the Avalanche Snow Coaster!

2. Competitions Galore

There is nothing better when you are in a group than a little friendly competition. At our theme park in Pigeon Forge, you can have a day full of challenging each other to all sorts of fun. First, you can race each other down the Outdoor Tubing Hill. There are multiple lanes to choose from when you are ready to experience the amazing joy ride. A worker at the top of the hill will get everyone situated and give the call to start the race. If you aren’t the first one to the bottom, simply ride the conveyor belt back to the top and go again! Next, you can face off in one of our most popular activities, the Ski Lift Shootout Coaster! This two seated coaster gives you the opportunity to practice your aim and match up against another member of your group. During the ride, you will be flown throughout the park as you try to shoot numerous targets. Afterwards, you can compare scores with your partner to see who has the better aim!

3. Photo Opportunities

power coasterWith all the fun to be had at Rowdy Bear Ridge comes the opportunity to take some amazing pictures! You can get some great shots of the members of your group going down the Tubing Hill or riding the thrilling Avalanche Snow Coaster. There are also a couple of places in the park that are perfect for posing for a large group photo. This is the perfect way to remember all the fun you had while in the Smoky Mountains. In addition, there is a way to purchase pictures that were taken of you throughout the day by one of our professional photographers. We have cameras set up throughout the park that will capture your face at some of the most thrilling parts of your day, which can lead to some hilarious pictures. When you are done exploring, you can view and purchase all of your photos at the picture kiosk located inside the gift shop. Be sure to pick up a wonderful souvenir to take home with you while you are there!

Now that you know why Rowdy Bear Ridge is the perfect attraction for large groups, be sure to check out the full list of activities you can experience when you visit! We hope to see you soon in Pigeon Forge!